Only years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds left until the year 2000!!!

please be patient my friend while the page loads ,
grafics on this page is the cause,..thanks!

To my `lil hiding place!


Hi there, Thanks for coming!,
I`m `Shel`which most of you know me as.
OK, you want to know more about me,..right?
well here it is....
( i`m a new comer at this web page stuff i`ve only been on a pc for 8 months so
don`t be discourage,..I`m learning as I go thanks!}

About me

Pic of me

My  kids



This angel grafic I found on the web , I
deticated  to my son Brandyn Kyle who
past away 1/29/92 from S.I.D.S
he would be 7yrs the nov.7
`we love you Bradyn, our little angel`


Enter the
gate to my `lil Angel

Heres a link to a page I found that
explains what S.I.D.S is and the facts on this
tramatic syndrome that faces theses precious babys.
(If you have been through what we been through ,
I would love to hear from you, e-mail me at-



{this is a new page so some of my links are not in running order,
sorry,..soon it will be updated as I go, thanks}

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My i.c.q friends page
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firefighters page,..its awesome
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  A poem that hit my heart
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new icq99a here!







This I deticate to HiTension
for all the arguments we`ve had over
the pepsi and coke thang!!..LOL!!!



write a message and stick in the bottle
and toss it and see who`s e-mail it will end up!
who knows, might make a great friend!
try it its cool!!



 I Want to thank my dearest  I.C.Q friends
Cambear  and Preppen for teaching what
I know so far with this web page stuff and
for being very patient with me too...hehe!
thanks guys, guys are GREAT!!!

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