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When someone who was to young to die
Is taken away without a reason why
The angels sing, the angels cry
The tears that fall are not tears at all
But memories that will never die

When angels cry
Theres no pain
Just a never-ending constant rain
Suffering, there is no more
Just glory and safety to all

When angels cry
The whole world knows;
They gather the tears up like
Delicate petals from a rose
The sent from each one destroys all fears

When angels cry
People try to understand
How someone too young could
Be placed under the great Creator`s hand
The answer to this question may never be known

When angels cry crystal tears
We glance up and have no fears
For that person who was too young to die

Is now also an angel
Singing their songs or mourning
And crying thier tears of memory
Up in the sky

 `Wrote by Author Witchery`

Done by shel herself 10-24-98
deticated to my son brandyn kyle
we miss you.