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~For My Friend~

I think this is the perfect time to let you know,
That a friend like you I could never let go.
Some friends come and go.
But few linger like you do.

When ever I`ve felt blue,
Who has been there but you.
There maybe other friends, but few
Are so precious like you.

In my heart theres a special place,
Which without you would be an empty space.
This friendship of ours,
Has been the greatest of all treasures.

Our friendship of a few, grew together
And as surpassed all both old and new.
We seem to have come a long way,
Words of thanks, I can only show not say.

This frienship of ours has been such,
Like one with a magical touch.
As the parting approaches,
There are no reproaches.

Through out all these times,
You have calmed and soothed my fears.
Your presence alone has been enough,
To help me through the rough.

When I think of you,
I think of a friend too.
I thing of long heart~to~heart talks,
For with you alone my heart unlocks.

Days of shared jokes and absolute craziness,
And my words or mockery didn`t make the frienship any less.
Comfortable words, jokes and advice you gave,
These precious days with you, I save.

When you have a good, true friend,
There like a godsend,
From that one person you get courage enough,
To face times that are tough.

And all I want you to know,
That these words and feelings are not for a show.
They come from a friend that is true,
And who will always be there for you.

Theres so much more I would like to say,
But don`t know the way.
One thing I know for sure,
Even if you are close or miles away
This friend is not going away.