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                                           This is my `lil Award`s page
                                     Wow!! can you believe I won some awards,..Wahooo!!!
                                     Thanks to all the wonderful people who gave me these.

                                       Nov.16th. 1998
                                      I won this award in the site fights on the cherub team, gate 1
                                         god it wasn`t easy,..theres so many wonderful pages sumited.
                                      thanks for all the support ,..friends,...I would of never got
                                          it with out you ,.." your great!!",..*HUGS*

                                             Nov.14th. 1998
                                             I would like to thank Trinity {Gage} for this award it means alot! *HUGS*
                                            she was in the sitefights with me and I am wishing her all the luck!
                                             please take the time and check out her beautiful page.

                                                 Nov.17th. 1998
                                                  Thanks Kim, this is a big honor

                                                   Nov.7th. 1998
                                                      This was awarded for my chats page.
                                                       wahooo!!...Thanks Nicole for this award


                                                                        This page was created by shel herself 
                                                                         nov.17th 1998